Our supports are customizable and adaptable to the patient and, for their realization, we have designed and selected different types of materials that meet the desired and sought after features.


We obtained the Performance fabric, composed of an elasticated velvet outer fabric and a special bielastic internal filter with ventilation micro-perforations.
The fabric in contact with the skin is soft and comfortable.
The result of this construction technology allows to obtain supports with excellent wearability and thermoregolability.


We obtained the Openair fabric, composed of a velvet outer fabric and an internal fabric with an alveolar structure.
The two soft fabrics contain a special filter that facilitates ventilation.
The result of this construction technology allows to obtain lightness without compromising the resistance.


For the realization of the hyper-extensors, the modular cross-pieces and the slats, special types of high-quality Aviotek aluminum are used, which guarantee structural shape and stiffness, depending on the thickness used.

Fabrics and Materials